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Our guide for choosing a CDE

Keep your projects under control! We’re at your side with our experience in the provision of software solutions for project development and support you with our expertise. Surprises in construction projects are a thing of the past. 

Our handy guide and comprehensive checklist will make choosing the right CDE for your projects simple. It helps you with what to consider when it comes to technical requirements and requirements of the provider to ensure your investment is best placed.

CDEs help by

  • Standardising your workflows
  • Simplifying reporting
  • Streamlining delivery and reducing risk

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Make project management easy with CONCLUDE CDE

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is information management. The information lifecycle across design, to procurement, fabrication, transport, illustration, commissioning then handover creates a vast amount of information and records which all need to be managed and maintained.

Join our experts as they discuss the challenges faced and how Thinkproject supports the industry to overcome them.

Project report

Document and Drawing Management for Elbphilharmonie

Thinkproject's CONCLUDE CDE was used to overcome the challenges faced during the construction of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg.

With more than one million documents to manage during the 10-year construction period, teams needed reassurance that their documents were up-to-date, searchable and secure.

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