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Digitalisation throughout the lifecycle!

During this webinar, hosted by our experts Adam Lamping and Rachel McAteer, we'll discuss ways to optimise the planning, delivery and operation phases of built assets to make project management simpler.

Learn how you can benefit from the latest technologies to manage time, cost and quality ensuring all stakeholders have the information they need from project conception to completion, and beyond.

About this webinar

  • 18 May, 11am-12pm BST
  • Hosted by Adam Lamping and Rachel McAteer
  • English speaking

One way to improve information management is to use digital tools to optimise the processes that manage information. By connecting all project/programme stakeholders into the same digital environment, bringing efficiencies, reducing risk and creating real-time data-driven insights.

CONCLUDE CDE was designed specifically to meet the needs of Project Managers, to ensure an optimised design, delivery and operational process. With modules to support the management of time, cost and quality on projects, organisations can now create a collaborative CDE where all key project processes can be digitised and optimised, to ensure all stakeholders have a vital single source of the truth.

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is information management. The information lifecycle across design, to procurement, fabrication, transport, installation, commissioning then handover, creates a vast amount of information and records.

When managed poorly, this could lead to loss of life, structures being torn down, critical equipment failures, poor performance, wasted resources and litigation, all of which has a huge financial impact. These challenges with information can be due to: uncertainty over approved design information, procurement, installation issues and poor record information for operations.

CONCLUDE CDE highlights


Customise multi-project reporting to match specific requirements


Quick delivery and approval process including comments and release notes


Benefit from extensive workflow capabilities to automate project proceedings

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Take control of your projects

CONCLUDE CDE is our solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of Project Managers allowing you to drive the digital transformation around your delivery model.

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