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At Thinkproject, we turn intelligence from data and people into an indispensable asset

We create technology solutions for the AECO sector that unlock the potential of data seamlessly across the entire asset lifecycle. We drive progress in the industry by accelerating collaboration and innovation, creating a gold standard for industry digitalisation.

Make intelligence your asset.

Key benefits of RAMM:

  • Single source of truth
  • Comply with the NZAMS
  • Powerful data insights

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Tararua Case Study

All assets in one place

Tararua manage and maintain all infrastructure assets in RAMM. Combining a holistic view of their assets with RAMM’s data visualisation technology produces powerful insights.

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Visualise your asset data and achieve compliance with national data standards

Manage your assets and tasks on the map, in the asset hierarchy, on 2D schematics, and in 3D models to easily locate and update asset information. Navigate vertical and horizontal asset structures with ease, no matter how complex. To make things even easier, we’ve structured RAMM’s Three Waters asset hierarchy in alignment with the New Zealand Asset Metadata Standards (NZAMS) to support data quality and consistency. The highly flexible and scalable User Defined Tables system enables you to easily configure asset hierarchies to meet your requirements now and in the future. You can start the journey to achieving real data visualisation and compliance with the datasets you have available now - and the software will evolve with you.


Fully integrated solution

RAMM is a fully integrated asset management and maintenance solution with mobile apps enabling offline operation in the field. As the single source of truth for asset owners and contractors, RAMM promotes collaboration, transparency and efficiency across the asset lifecycle.

Aligned with NZAMS

As asset hierarchies are aligned with national data standards, RAMM supports compliance, data quality and consistency while enhancing the ability to aggregate, analyse, and share data insights for evidence-based decisions and reporting on asset criticality, condition and performance.

Visualise your asset data

With its intuitive map interface, assets and task-based workflows are represented geospatially alongside the asset hierarchy. Combining asset data with 2D schematics and 3D models accelerates asset optimisation and preventative maintenance capabilities for sustainably managed assets.

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Nicky Campbell
Asset Information Technician

We carried out a time and motion study to compare RAMM with the existing asset management system used for three waters. RAMM is easily 10 times faster – that’s significant savings in time and cost.