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Control throughout the lifecycle

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is information management. In complex construction projects, vast amounts of information and data must be reliably recorded, managed and disseminated. It’s also often difficult to estimate costs, quality and time, particularly in the initial phase of the project. 

Thinkproject offers cloud-based solutions for collaboration and information management to meet your needs. Our entire portfolio is integrated into a CDE which acts as a single source of truth.

Benefit from

  • Standardised workflows
  • Efficient design management
  • Streamlined teamwork

Minimise risk and successfully implement projects

CONCLUDE CDE is our solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of Project Managers allowing you to drive the digital transformation around your delivery model.

We help those involved with the design, construction and operation of built assets to reduce risk by providing a central repository which can reduce the overall cost of delivery by 1% of the contract value, directly aligned to ISO27001 standards. By linking all project participants and stakeholders to the same digital environment, CONCLUDE CDE brings efficiencies and creates real-time data-driven insights that connect the field, to the office, to the boardroom.

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